AULM is not only a university where I had classes, it is more like a home; where I spent 80% of my time. Fun, knowledge and leadership are the most important pillars that make our community very special. I have honestly been very satisfied with the results of my courses. I am a BBA graduate and now an MBA student and God willing I will be a DBA graduate in the next 5 years. I want to thank every person that has marked my path, every person that has pushed me to be the best and to develop myself. Last but not least, IUL is a place where you enroll to study and find yourself with a whole new family. I love IUL, this is all I can say.
BBA Alumni
Hello, my name is Amina Zriouilat and I’m an AULM alumna. I have spent great times in IUL and have a lot of great memories. In IUL not only we have interesting courses with skilled professors, but we are also encouraged to apply what we learned in real life experiences. I had the opportunity to work on many extracurricular activities such as conferences, debates, trips etc. To be part of the IUL family is one of the greatest things that had ever happened to me and I’m very grateful to every person I encountered on my journey.
BBA Alumni
My journey at AULM Everything started on October 2016, when I was admitted as a student at AULM . I still remember the first day just like it was yesterday when I was warmly welcomed by the administration and the professors as the first visually impaired student, a person with disability. While I was waiting at the administration completing my admission file, a gentleman put his hand on my shoulder and introduced himself kindly, he was Mr. president Anass Lahlou. That fulfilled me with confidence and insured me that everything would go smoothly which is what happened. About my academic path, I learned a lot from my professors without exception, in all aspects such as communication skills, analytical skills and critical thinking which allowed me through my journey to become a different person and see the world differently . I also enjoyed working with my colleagues who became on a certain point of time as sisters and brothers who respect each other and collaborate together to help one another to succeed in our student life. Finally, I would like to thank deeply IUL for hosting me, for the wonderful studies experience and I would like to thank the staff especially Mrs. Salma for her support and help navigating advisement. A special thanks to all my professors for all the knowledge they shared with us and the enormous understanding and patience with each one of the students. And last but not least I would like to thank my classmates and congratulate them one more time for their achievement of graduation and I wish for them as well as myself a bright future and a successful personal/professional life.
BBA Alumni
Here is my experience at AULM University. I had amazing professors, colleagues, and staff that were always helping us be a better version of ourselves. We changed during the years and upgraded to satisfying stages of our lives not only professionally but as students. we became friendlier to each other and treated each other as family members. I’m very proud of the choice I made and this feeling is what brings joy to my life and to all my surrounding. I encourage any future student who is interested in becoming a manager, or planning on owning a business to engage with AULM University because not only you will get an American degree but with no or fewer debts than anyone who studied in the US physically. So Good luck everybody!
BBA Alumni
“Doing my MBA was the best move I could have made. With Project Management as a major being one of the growing most versatile demand for the job market, I was sure new and exciting opportunities will open up for me. My experience at AULM has been so positive, I felt comfortable knowing I’m being taught by faculty who have real-world experiences and are actually working in the business. I will always treasure the memories I shared with my classmates and professors. The American University of Leadership Marbella is the greatest school I have ever been in”. MBA, Project Management Alumni.
The DBA was an opportunity for me to grow and to challenge myself. I learned through this experience that growth and comfort don’t coexist and that If we want to grow we have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. AULM helped me to build confidence, to take risks, to welcome challenges and though me that as a leader you have to base your decisions on who you truly are and your core values. I am very proud to be an AULM DBA Alumni“.
CEO at 1min30
It is an honor to be part of AULM community. As a fresh graduate, IUL provided me with both personal and professional tools in an enjoyable way. Classes were interesting and Fun which is a rare thing to find. Through this journey, I was inspired to become a better person thanks to the faculty, staff, and administration they were very helpful, they made a positive impact on my personality in a way that I felt special, and I have to give back and return the favor to the society. I am very grateful to find my life purpose thanks to my studies at AULM.
IUL Student
“The American University of Leadership Marbella has been awesome to me. I was denied acceptance to three different schools I applied to. I then heard about AULM which I was very excited about being they had a DBA that focused on Entrepreneurship. After applying and being interviewed I was accepted and started right away.
Studying International Business at the American University of Leadership Marbella has widened my perspective and has opened many horizons thanks to the high quality of the program. Furthermore, my business skills have risen to a level where I am confident speaking and engaging in high-level work-related environment. The university offers a unique e-learning program which helped me develop my professional skills while working and studying at the same time. The professors always make sure the class is educational, interactive and fun and directors are very caring and interested in the student’s well-being. I have personally faced many challenges as an IUL alumni, but with the great help and encouragements of the professors and the directors, I have proudly graduated with an MBA which helped me achieve my goals and start new projects in life.
Inside Product Specialist at DELL
I am Carlos Francisco Asumu, from Equatorial Guinea (Malabo) and I am here to say that I had a wonderful experience studying my Bachelors in Business at the American University of Leadership Marbella. Students and professors are from different backgrounds, culture and religions, it is a great melting pot! My classmates, faculty and staff helped me stick to my goal and achieve my objectives. They really helped me grow as an individual as well as taught me the meaning of team work and group support. Something that I am proud to say is helping me as a starting professional. Go LEADERS!!!
IUL Student
“I had a wonderful experience throughout the years studying my BBA at the American University of Leadership Marbella, it gave me the possibility to be more and more independent as well as gain a lot of leadership skills, it gave me the opportunity to get to know new people from many cultures and nationalities, I enjoyed my courses theoretically but practically as well, IUL prepares students for real-life opportunities by applying up to date case studies and life examples. Once I finished my BBA I decided to continue my MBA gain deeper Business and Management skills. The MBA program has challenged my thinking and improved in me the ability to turn ideas into reality. AULM is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, without it I was never going to be the person I am now, so I am really grateful for that.”
BBA Alumni
“When I reflect on my two years in the American University of Leadership Marbella, I conclude that the experience not only made me a better person but also prepared me in unpredictable ways for my career. The American University of Leadership Marbella has truly developed me into a well-rounded person. The professors here are exemplary in their teaching styles. I think that the MBA program has challenged my thinking about management and leadership and, through this, improved my ability to turn ideas into reality. In addition, it allowed me to develop a network of useful contacts, enhanced my confidence and helped me develop my decision making. The most rewarding part of my MBA was learning in an international environment that enabled sharing real-life experiences across cultures. Coming from different continents, we now have the opportunity to conduct and expand our business relationships and functions across the globe without cultural barriers. AULM creates and grooms leaders. I started with the intention of getting my MBA and heading to the job market. Now, I’ve enrolled in the Doctorate program at AULM and started pursuing bigger dreams”.
DBA Student
“It is a pleasure to write a testimonial for my university AULM, who helped me overcome many obstacles and paved the way for my achievements. I would like to start by thanking the administration, faculty, and staff working at the university. After earning the BBA degree my life in the USA has improved lot. My experience has been both enjoyable and rewarding. I learned a lot and experienced more which I am sure I will carry with me for years to come. The E-learning program gave me much-needed freedom, I was able to work, spend time with friends and family while studying. I really appreciated the encouragements and support along the way, I am so proud to be part of the American University of Leadership Marbella”.
“Hello everyone, I am a 2014 AULM Alumni. I have gained so many rewards from my unique experience at AULM , it has drastically and positively impacted my life. With its cultural diversity, AULM has equipped me with the best tools for an effective and efficient personal and professional career. With competences acquired in the Business Field, I was able to make unforgettable endeavors. The basic objective of enrolling in a graduate university is to study and receive a degree upon successful completion, but AULM showed me beyond that how each individual can impact his or her society and the world as well. With world-class skills in various fields, I feel ready and able to face challenges of different nature. My education has played a very crucial role to the person I have become today both in personal and professional arenas, I conclude with a Moto “AULM one day, AULM forever!” “