Questions you need to ask yourself when deciding on your higher education program

Freshly graduated from high school or already enrolled in a higher education program, every student needs to ask the right questions in order to build the right idea on the best program that will suit them, here follow the 5 most important questions to ask and answer, to choose the higher education programs:

1-What interests me the most?

The most important thing to be taking into consideration is to know what you love and what you enjoy, it is very capital because from there the student can select different sectors related to the things they affectionate. Most of the time students chose the programs only by relying on the final outcome and the career opportunities they hear about, unfortunately by doing this students lock themselves in a spiral where they are not happy with what they are studying and it results in withdrawing quickly and easily. Whereas if students chose what they like over what their parents or what the mold forces, they will be able to work in the field they love.

2-What career perspective do I seek?

When choosing a higher education program, the student needs to have a somewhat clear idea on how they see themselves in the future when integrating the job market, this goes without saying, all job positions are not the same and as each one presents its pros and cons, the student needs to know what type of employee they want to be. Sedentary job position, moving position, teamwork or self-sufficient employee… job position will give satisfaction to the employee depending on the career perspective, some individuals seek recognitions, others seek rewarding, and others seek human interaction… so the program chosen will play a tremendous role in finding a job answering the specific need of the graduated student.

3-What are the skills that I want to develop during the education?

Clearly, higher education programs offer a wide range of skills that get student recruited in the job market, but each program will provide complementary skills depending on the program, the student has to figure out where they want to position themselves at the graduation. Some programs offer only theories and another emphasis on other aspects, the idea is to forge a quick idea in the persona the student wants to become at the end of the program and from there looking for the program that will fulfill the objective.

4-To what extend am i willing to accept to change my vision?

Yes, one needs to be flexible and adapt to the environment, here, it is a question of asking: what are the limits to the flexibility of the student, in order not to harm the dreams and expectations of the present in the future, a student can allow slight compromises in the election of the program as long as it wouldn’t damage their identity.

5-How do I see myself after the end of the program?

Every decision needs to be taken with enough thinking, choosing a program is a big decision and the student has to be able to see the future self and how they will be able to be useful to the society. Higher education programs are a mean and not an end, the student should be able to respond to this question by figuring out how they will grow up at the end of the program.

Of course, it is very hard to have a clear vision and an unmovable image of what one wants, but it is good to start with a draft and start building up from it, using the experience mostly and the emotions drawn from the situations and the environment.

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