AULM is responsible and accountable for protecting the privacy of students enrolled in its programs and as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).
The purpose of our policy is to provide written procedures AULM takes to effectively provide this protection.

Procedures for Protecting Student Privacy

1. AULM protects the privacy of all its students through strict adherence to the rules of FERPA. The official FERPA statement is available for student and public view through the AULM website. All AULM employees and faculty complete required annual training in FERPA rules and
acknowledge by signing a Confidentiality Notice.
2. Students may wish to authorize consent to share student record information with another individual. In this case, a FERPA consent form must be on file and the person authorized consent may only access information by providing an assigned password.
Consent only provides authorization to release information, not to take action on a student record. Students may also revoke the release of student record information.

3. AULM students are assigned a secure, individual Student Identification Number (SID) and password upon enrollment.
These assigned identifiers are used to access the AULM ecampus AULM Learning Management System (LMS), to complete coursework and MSIS Student Portal to access grades and related information. Students who contact the University by phone, chat or email must provide this information and the second source of personally identifiable information in order to discuss matters pertaining to their student record. Students may refer to the Student Identity Verification Policy to learn more.
4. Information contained within the AULM Student Information System (MSIS) is also viewed as sensitive, personally identifiable information and the University makes reasonable efforts to ensure all information contained within is secure from modifications or deletion by unauthorized personnel. In addition, employees who do not have a vested interest to perform a relative job function are not granted access to the information contained in the MSIS. Servers containing the MSIS are located in a secure environment.

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for the privacy of all AULM student record information. Students who wish to discuss the privacy of student records, FERPA, or wish to express concern may contact the office at or dial +34 638 857 601.


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