AULM Comprehensive Examination for D.B.A Students (COMP Policy)

After the completion of all core coursework included in the doctoral program of study, the student is required to pass a comprehensive examination administered by the program department. The examination is in written format and scheduled three times a year at the beginning of each Semester.

The student should be ready to spend at least 4 hours on the examination and will need to comply with all proctoring policies: Click here

Passed Examination

To pass an examination, the student must achieve a grade of B- or above.

The examination must be passed prior to starting the Dissertation Research courses.

once passed, the student is in candidacy status.

The transcript is annotated as follows: DOCTORAL COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION PASSED [date of candidacy]

Failed Examination

A student who does not pass the examination is allowed one more opportunity to retake the examination after at least two DBA sessions. On the second failure by a student of the comprehensive examination, the Academic Director will notify the CAO to authorize a third try.

Students are allowed a maximum of three trials; a third failed examination will annotate the transcript as follows: DOCTORAL COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION FAILED [date of the third failure]

At the time of the third failure, the student will be notified in writing that he or she will not be admitted to candidacy.